What Matters Most When You Purchase a Product?

January 28, 2019

I know so many people that are interested in sustainability, but when I ask them why they haven’t made the shift, there are a variety of justifications. Trust me, I get it, I’ve been there, and sometimes I still can’t justify buying a certain product. Last May, Mamoq wrote a Sustainable Fashion Blueprint, I included it in my post about resources here, but on page 6 they incorporated a fashion survey that reported on the criteria people use to purchase a product.

Here are the top 6 criteria consumers (that participated in the survey) use to purchase clothing:

  1. Fit
  2. Price
  3. Style
  4. Sustainability
  5. Comfort
  6. Quality

Personally, my ranking would be:

  1. Sustainability
  2. Price
  3. Fit
  4. Style
  5. Comfort
  6. Quality

And for you, it might be different, but I highly recommend taking the time to decide what your ranking would be. This is important in understanding how you buy products and why. Depending on what your criteria ranking is, this mentality will directly affect your purchasing behavior.

If Fit is most important to you: in order to be more sustainable, I would try shopping second hand or in boutiques near you. Shopping in person can ensure that you get the fit you want and reduce your carbon footprint due to transportation factors when purchasing online. Instead of shopping at a mall- support a small business in your area that is either buying from small vendors such as a boutique or second hand.

If Price is most important to you: I’m with you. My suggestion is to buy second-hand either from vintage/consignment shops or using second-hand websites such as Depop.

If Style is most important to you: Ok fashionista, trust me eco-fashion is in fact fashionable. The myth that sustainability is earthy crunchy has been busted for years. If you don’t care about minimalism, there is even trendy fashion in the industry that is still being mindful or workers and the earth. Might I direct you to Reformation?

If Sustainability is most important to you: Good for you! You already know what you’re doing keep up the good work. I’ll direct you to bloggers such as Sustainably Chic; she talks about fantastic sustainable brands (and often has great discounts too!)

If Comfort is most important to you: So you aren’t into sky-high heels or leather pants, me either. My favorite pants I own are the ones that secretly feel like I’m wearing pajamas or sweatpants. Never fear though, I highly recommend Pact Organic. They use a lot of fair trade cotton, but more importantly, their products are casual and comfortable from hoodies to no-fuss t-shirts everything feels so soft.

If Quality is most important to you: I wish I was you. There are so many fantastic quality sustainable brands that not only have beautiful products but make them last. I would recommend Amour Vert or Theory. Both brands house beautifully made clothes that are timeless and made to last.

See what I did there…

No matter what your top priority is when purchasing a product you can shift it through a sustainable lens. If style is most important to you, I fully support that top priority all I’m saying is that if you look hard enough, you can still prioritize sustainability cohesively with style. Now after reading this post, challenge yourself and shift sustainability to the top of your list and see how you can make it work in your lifestyle.

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