Reduce, Reuse, Rent-Tips & Tricks on How To Be Sustainable

October 30, 2017


Next time you feel the need to run to the register with that great top you saw on the mannequin ask yourself how many times am I going to wear this? Many sustainable bloggers are calling this the “30 Wear Rule”. If you can wear this top 30 or more times then hell yeah, get it, gurl! If not maybe consider dramatically sighing and putting the top back on the rack. Not only will this be saving your broke college budget through buying things to last, but you are doing your part as a sustainable shopper!



Secondhand shops are the best option because not only is it new to you but again you are doing your part to do good! Through buying clothes that aren’t brand new in their original lifetime, it’s reducing your carbon footprint, something we should all be working on. And there is nothing more secretly satisfying than getting complimented on a cute top and responding “oh this; it’s vintage.”



Yes, Rent the Runway is a godsend in more ways than one. Instead of buying a prom dress or dress for a fancy schmancy event that you will wear ONCE rent it! Not only are there cool designer brands that now fit your budget, but it is helping the environment.

Even better is buying from sustainable and ethical fashion designers such as Stella McCartney.




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