Carbon Offsetting- What to do Before Getting on a Plane

October 23, 2017

A few months ago I was watching Eco Warrior Princess’ Instagram story and saw a post discussing carbon offsetting before going on a plane. I had never heard of carbon offsetting before, and since I am going to LA this week, I decided to do some research.

Read this article

This article is from Eco Warrior Princess. It describes what carbon offsetting is and how you can do your part. If you’re lazy and don’t feel like reading, in a nutshell, carbon offsetting is basically just ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Your carbon footprint measures how you damage the environment from things such as how much plastic you use, how much you waste and how often you drive.  

So how am I going to offset my plane ride

I found out that a lot of flight companies are affiliated with the You can use a carbon calculator to find out how many miles you are flying and the cost to offset your carbon emissions. So I plugged in JFK to LAX and found it costs $8 to offset, which is entirely manageable! The concept of offsetting carbon emissions would be a similar concept too if you were to plant a tree every time you bought a certain number of books. Sometimes causing damage to the earth is unavoidable, but you can do your part to make your impact less severe. 


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