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Sam | Head Blogger

Hi, my name is Sam! I am a college student living in NYC just trying to get through my business classes. I started my first blog in high school but felt lost and disconnected from what I was posting about. Fair & Fierce was born from an “Ah-ha” moment. I have always been passionate about social justice issues and the environment. I have also always loved fashion. Growing up, I never felt that the two could ever mix until last year when I found that not only were people talking about the future of fashion as sustainable but there are also lots of cute, affordable options. While I am grateful for the fashion bloggers that have taught me so much about the industry, I realized there was an element missing. Fair & Fierce was created to document my journey into sustainable fashion and lifestyle- affordably. It is not going to be easy (I already miss hamburgers) but I wanted to offer an honest look into changing from trendy, cheap college fashion to lasting sustainable pieces. This blog is dedicated to broke college students wanting to make their impact on the environment a little more green without breaking the bank.


Brea | Social Media Director

Hey! I’m Brea and I am currently a college junior studying Culture and Media and living in New York City. I have always been passionate about art and visual media. When I graduate, I hope to work in social media, branding and creating digital content in the entertainment field. I feel that the media industry is so important not only for the growth of a company but for the growth of ideas and facilitation of change. I am so lucky to be brought on as Social Media Director for Fair and Fierce. Through this position, I am excited to grow personally and professionally, as well as become immersed in the world of sustainability alongside Sam. Fair and Fierce is a great platform for making sustainability accessible for college students and I am excited to share that message through social media.

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