5 Fab and Affordable Thrift Stores in NYC

April 8, 2019

Not sure about you guys, but the change in seasons always inspires me to make some style upgrades. Since we have entered Spring, it’s time to adjust the wardrobe accordingly!  Transformations can be made affordably and sustainably. New York City has so many great thrifting options that won’t break the bank and won’t mean turning to any fast fashion brands. I came up with a list of five of my favorite go-to thrifting options around the city.

L Train Vintage

L Train is truly my go-to thrifting chain. Four of the five locations are in Brooklyn, and the Manhattan location is on 1st Avenue (under the name No Relation). Brooklyn is also home to The L Train’s sister store Urban Jungle– which is the biggest and most extensive collection of thriftable items! L Train is great for cool t-shirts,  vintage jeans and cutoff shorts. The huge variety of logo crewnecks lends itself well to cropping for the warmer weather. These stores are full of curated pieces that make thrifting super easy and fun. It’s almost impossible to walk out without buying something, which is in part because of their amazing prices and wide selection. You will surely find a great pair of vintage Levi’s or an oversized jean jacket.

Crossroads Trading Co.

With two Manhattan locations on West 26th in Chelsea and North 7th in Williamsburg, Crossroads Trading Co. offers a huge selection guaranteed to wow you with some hidden gems. These stores stay up on trends while also cycling clothes out seasonally, so if you stop by anytime soon, you can score some springtime finds! The stores offer a nice mix of current and classic styles, with some shoes and accessories sprinkled throughout the store.

Buffalo Exchange

You can find these shops all over the city! Buffalo Exchange offers a ton of brands at a super reasonable price point. Buffalo Exchange is constantly buying and selling, which means constant, current pieces flowing in and out. These stores are less focused on vintage and more focused on contemporary items that are meant to be repurposed. Shopping at Buffalo allows you to reconsider pieces you may already be familiar with in new ways.

Beacon’s Closet

Beacon’s has a unique vibe that blends modern and vintage styles. There are currently four locations, three in Brooklyn and one in Manhattan– which is located on West 13th Street (this location is always PACKED when I pop in– so be strategic when you stop by). Here you can find great jewelry and shoes, as well as both women’s and menswear. Beacon’s was even featured on Broad City, so you know it’s Abbi and Ilana approved!

Flamingo Vintage Pound

Flamingo Vintage Pound has a handful of locations, two in Brooklyn and one in Manhattan. What makes this one fun is that you pay for weight; one flat rate per pound! Paying by weight is a fun way to thrift and guarantees you can get a bang for your buck! Flamingo Vintage Pound is also known for its retro styles that are reflected in their selection of graphic tees, as well as spring-friendly skirts, jean jackets scarves.

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