Resources to Help You Make Ethical Purchases

November 19, 2018

A lot of the time people ask me how do you know if a company is sustainable. The truth is, it’s a long vetting process. As of right now, it takes me a while to find out whether or not everything a company is saying is true. Greenwashing is something I am paranoid of and try my hardest to make sure I am not tricked by unethical companies. In the future, I hope that through fashion reform this vetting process is done already for the consumer in a unified auditing system but until then we have to do it ourselves. To make your life easier I have compiled a list of my 11 go-to resources when making sure a product is ethical or not. I know this takes time, but going through this process not only do you learn more about products and companies but you also have this new found connection and appreciation for the products you purchased. And for me, that effort I put into the purchase translates to the longevity of not wanting to replace the product and go through the process all over again.

I use a lot of different resources to makes sure I am constantly up to date with all natural, sustainable or ethical products. A lot of these resources were really helpful when trying looking through my pantry and closets to find out which companies and products I already owned were good (unfortunately not many). And when purchasing new products, making sure the companies that claim sustainable are truthful. I don’t use every site when vetting companies but I will select two or three and skim to find what I need. The “find” option on your computer (for me on a mac it’s command f) is super helpful in the longer documents when I am looking for a particular material or company.

Scanning or product rating apps and websites

  1. Good Guide– App and website
  2. Good On You– App and website
  3. The Good shopping guide– website
  4. Ethical Consumer– website

Databases and lists

  1. List of Goods Produced by Child Labor or Forced Labor

  2. The Good Trade List of Ethical Fashion Companies
  3. Beauty Ingredients to Avoid by The Glamorganic Goddess

Reports (updated yearly)

  1. Global Fashion Agenda 
  2. Fashion Transparency Index
  3. Sustainable Fashion Blueprint 
  4. Measuring Fashion 2018 Report 
  5. Stockholm Resilience Center
  6. CFDA Sustainability Resources

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