Friendly Reminder: Sustainability First and Foremost Means to Buy Less :)

November 12, 2018

Ok, this wasn’t my plan for today. I had a whole different post scheduled for today, but my heart wasn’t in it this week. Maybe next week but for now I gotta get this off my chest.

Before I begin I want to make something clear- I support social media.

I mean it’s a love-hate relationship, but I acknowledge that all my opinions are contradictory because I am a product of social media and a frequent poster. I am afraid I fall into the exact category of people I am frustrated by.

With that being said I will just say it… I think too many people that are glorifying the sustainability movement are turning this concept into another segment of the consumer society. And I find this so damn frustrating. Too many people that are new to sustainability are confused and being green-washed.

Sustainability and eco-friendly are such big buzz words currently, and too many businesses and bloggers are using the phrase freely without processing the implications of using these words.

I get that bloggers have products they are being paid to sell, and businesses need to make a profit but lately, I have been overwhelmed by my feed. I scroll through, and everything is “buy this, buy that, you need this.” But the whole point of sustainability is to buy better but most importantly BUY LESS OR BUY USED. This is a conflicting message when every post I see is about this new sustainable product that you ABSOLUTELY NEED to be a perfect eco-conscious consumer.

Now as a child of two small-businesses owners I know the importance of supporting small businesses. Regardless, I’m just feeling overwhelmed right now supporting the little guy versus not buying anything at all. I think it’s also really hard seeing all of these beautiful feeds from eco-bloggers that won’t stop talking about a million different products and convincing myself that to have a successful and respected blog I have to own all of these new things.

I think some bloggers have mastered the balance of highlighting products while still maintaining the conscious consumer message well. You can find some of my favorites that promote products without forcing them down your throats here. But too many “sustainable” bloggers are missing the point of being a sustainable blogger. I believe the first message that should be presented to your viewer should be to buy less. Then to buy used and finally to buy sustainable and ethically made products.

It’s so important to support these fantastic small businesses that are doing so much good, but I am honestly just feeling conflicted and overwhelmed by the constant feeling that I have to buy certain brands to be sustainable. I get that the holidays are coming up and I don’t have a solution to this, but I just wanted to share my thoughts today.

On this platform, I want to continue sharing brands and products that I love, but I want to make this message clear for everyone new to sustainability. My blog and most eco-bloggers would agree being a conscious-consumers does not mean you have to replace everything immediately with new products to be environmentally friendly.

Steps to Buying

  1. Change your consumer mindset
  2. Buy less and secondhand
  3. Then use blogger platforms when replacing products to find all of the amazing businesses that are doing a lot of good to replace your products.

I hope this post doesn’t come off as ungrateful to the amazing businesses that are strong enough to challenge the mega companies and fast fashion brands. I am so grateful for those companies and will continue to share their products and messages. But I have been feeling bad about myself everytime I open my Instagram account that is solely filled with sustainable blogs and products. I figured I couldn’t be the only one that felt this way, and if you haven’t noticed yet I like to call it as I see it. Social media is so great because it is how I learned about this industry, but don’t be afraid to point out the problems and be a part of the solution. 🙂

I would love to hear your thoughts on this post! Am I the only one who has been feeling this way? Comment below let’s have a peaceful dialogue.

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    Jacob medure
    November 13, 2018 at 10:52 am

    So introspective. I love your insight on this because I struggle with this as well. I think many people can relate to what you’re going through. Thanks for sharing!

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