Different ways to Learn About Sustainability

October 8, 2018

Ok, so this month I have decided to share all of my sustainability secrets with you all. This week I wanted to talk about all the different mediums you can access when learning about sustainability. I love reading articles either from bloggers or news sources, but sometimes that can get repetitive, which is why I love to switch it up. I have been really into documentaries recently so I decided why not create a list of all the different options you can use to educate yourself on a whole slew of topics. From yoga to health and nutrition to advocacy this list is under an umbrella of sustainability that not only helped me learn about the industry but redirected my mindset towards consumer behavior. Hope this helps and if there are any on this list that I didn’t mention, please comment!


I, for the most part, don’t listen to podcasts. The ASMR type voices make the hairs stand up on my arms (and not in a good way). So, typically I don’t do a lot of podcasts, but I know for some of you podcasts are your jam which is why I included these recommendations.

  • Conscious Chatter– Fan favorite and one of the few podcasts I listen to. Kestrel is a fantastic storyteller and asks insightful questions. I also love how much variety she brings on to her podcast. From scientists to business owners, I am always learning something new.
  • Wardrobe Crisis– I’ve only listened to an episode or two, but I have read amazing reviews. The podcast has a center on fashion, ethics, and activism.
  • Sustainababble– The one episode I listened to I laughed out loud. The focus is on the environment and politics, but the hosts keep things light and playful.


Ahh, nothing better than a good Netflix n’ activism night in. Most of the documentaries I watch are on Netflix purely out of convenience, but if you know of any other good sources, I’d be happy to switch things up.

  • The True Cost- One those documentaries that people point to for changing their minds and redirecting their lives to be more sustainable. A must watch but only when you are ready to embrace the message.
  • Rotten- I haven’t been ready to watch Cowspiracy, but this docuseries is helping me get there. Learning about specific food industries and how things are currently made and what it’s doing to our planet is truly eye-opening.
  • Minimalism- I am not minimalist, but I still loved this documentary. It is excellent for remaining grounded. After I watched it, I purged my closets and drawers of things I never wear anymore.
  • On Yoga, the Architecture of Peace- Really helps realign mindset and intention for going through life. If you are trying to go against consumer mentality, this is a helpful foundation to get you there.
  • Inequality for All– I had an economics and poverty class last semester and had to watch this doc. Super insightful and helpful to understand poverty in all aspects.


I love these YouTubers as bloggers first but I think their channels are equally as incredible and worth noting. I love watching product reviews and comparisons as I am cooking or cleaning. They are light and easy to watch!

And here are two YouTube videos I love as just more educational resources in sustainability!


Finally, for when your tired eyes get sick of looking at a screen read a book! I try to be in the habit of ending every night not on my phone but reading about a dozen pages. While I usually am drawn to historical fiction I have been enjoying learning about sustainability through some nightly reading. Below is a list of the books I’ve read and the books that are on my wishlist!

  • Slave to Fashion by Safia Minney – discusses the ethics behind fashion
  • A Life Less Throwaway: The Lost Art of Buying For Life by Tara Button- a minimalism must read or if you’re like me, just wanting to be more intentional with your purchases.
  • Green Washed: Why We Can’t Buy Our Way to a Green Planet by Kendra Pierre-Louis- a book about the environmental impact of consumption

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