Sustainable Work Pants For Any Office- Everlane Review

September 17, 2018

Bit by bit I’m adulting, and as I looked into my closet prepping for a new internship, I realized I didn’t have any office appropriate pants. So I looked around and found two pairs on Everlane. I decided to go with Everlane because of the longevity of the simple styles they offered and the price. A lot of people have very strong opinions about Everlane and their alleged greenwashing. There is such a tricky and fine line between greenwashing and being an imperfect sustainable company that is continually improving and learning publicly. For me, I don’t ask for perfection from companies and the fact that Everlane is OVERALL pretty honest with what they are good at while continually improving upon areas where they lack is honestly enough for me. And the reality is I just don’t have the means to spend $300 on two new pairs of pants.

The first pair- business

I got a pair of serious pants. I purchased this pair for meetings or interviews for future internships. Although not made from all natural fibers (94% cotton and 6% elastane) I decided to buy them anyways for the longevity they would provide for me. And they are so comfy! They are high-wasted so I usually like to either tuck in my top of wear a tank underneath, but I love the fit. And for $50 you really can’t beat that price for a quality pair of pants.

The second pair- casual

Now for day to day office attire, my company is pretty business casual. I bought these pants because I knew I could dress them up with a button-down or pair it with sneaks and a T-shirt for brunch on the weekends. These were a little bit more of an investment, but honestly, I think it was worth it. I love the fit and the crop. Mustard was a pretty ballsy color for me, but I am super excited about all of the ways I can get a lot of use out of them!

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