Being An Activist Doesn’t Stop At What You Buy

September 10, 2018

I have been passionate about standing up for injustices I witness in my life for years now. In my senior year of high school, I worked tirelessly to create a GSA at a Catholic high school. It was at that time my mom tried to convince me to become a lawyer. While the club didn’t end up coming to fruition in the way it should have (surprise, surprise), I did learn a lot about myself through this experience. I didn’t want to become a lawyer, but I knew I had to do something.

Throughout my freshman year of college, I started learning more about politics. I began to learn what I believed in and what injustices I believed needed another voice to join forces in spreading awareness. So, I started researching non-profits. While there are a lot of fluffy organizations, there were just as many doing a lot of good and trying to change the world. It was around this time that I also discovered ethical and sustainable fashion.

You see, I try to be an activist. I currently don’t have much of gathering around my soapbox, but I am writing every week about things I believe in, and things you should consider believing in too. I try to fight for the environment and the rights of workers through the stuff I buy. But, I don’t think I should solely be an activist in regards to the things I purchase. I try to take action against any injustices I come across in this world in any way I can. That is why I love the concept of Global Citizen.

What is a Global Citizen?

Global Citizen is a non-profit organization creating a lot of change in the world. It’s easy to compare it to the mission of the Global Goals but made accessible for millennials and Gen Zers to create change. The premise is that on the website you can select the issues you are passionate about (food & hunger, education, girls and women, health, etc.) surrounding the eradication of extreme poverty. They have a plethora of articles you can read and educate yourself on. They even provide calls to action within the pieces, on the landing page of the cause, or in the app. You can choose how to take action in the campaigns you are passionate about.

An example would be tweeting at your local representative asking what they are doing to make education more accessible to girls in developing countries. Often I know I feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start when trying to create a change. Global Citizen makes change accessible and attainable for anyone. The best part is through each action you take you can receive points that you can use to enter in raffles to win things such as concert tickets, or tickets to Global Citizen Festivals.

Global Citizen Festival

Last fall I heard about the festival and couldn’t believe I could go to Central Park to see artists such as The Lumineers, The Killers, and Steven Wonder all day for free! So I got my friends to enter into the drawing, and we all got tickets! It was a great day but looking back it was incredible that I was surrounded by people my age that are passionate about creating change. Everyone there had to tweet at representatives, call congressmen and women and do so much more for things they are passionate about. Yes, there was a reward, but it is so much more than that. The festival was physical evidence that we must stand up for what we believe in. Start within your comfort zone, and then slowly wiggle your way out. Recognize whatever privileges you have (as a white, middle class, college student I continuously recognize I have a lot more opportunities than most, even in America). Then, use the tools you have to declare what you are passionate. If you have an issue with the political climate, the environment, gender equality, LGBTQIA+ rights, racial injustice, educate yourself and then do something- anything! You are never too young, and your voice is never alone.

If you’re interested in taking action in NYC

The Global Citizen Festival is September 29th in Central Park. It is a fantastic event that I loved being a part of. If you are interested in having a chance to win the free tickets. Download the Global Citizen app now! It’s not too late but the longer you wait, the smaller your chances are to winning tickets. Good luck and hope to see you there!


*Disolsure I wrote this post before I was hired as an intern at Global Citizen this fall. This post reflects my experience as an atendee of the festival and how I got the tickets last year.

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