ECO Back To School Tips

September 3, 2018

You are kinda sorta going to have to drag me back to school. As a rising junior, the inevitability of the real world is rapidly approaching. As I was getting ready to move back in, I instinctively went to write a list of school supplies to buy from Target. You know, the usual- notebooks, pencils, stapler, etc. The products I use last me the year and are covered in plastic, and at the end of the year, they get tossed in the trash. I decided to try to replace my favorites with more sustainable alternatives. Below is a list of eco-friendly back to school swaps.

1.Laptop Sleeve

For me, it is crucial to have a laptop sleeve because who knows what the hell I am throwing in my backpack on any given day. Unfortunately, my cheap sleeve lasted me about 2 years and has now entirely fallen apart on me. So, I found a new one that is made with fair-trade organic cotton! This product is built sustainably and to last me for years to come.

2. Stapler

I had never thought of the waste staples bring to this earth until this summer. I found a staple free stapler on Amazon. Yes, you read that correctly. Instead of a staple the product folds and presses your papers together. While it doesn’t hold onto as many documents as a regular staple would, its a good solution for day to day homework submissions that need two pages attached.

3. Notebooks

I loved having notebooks with a hard plastic shell on the front. They lasted me the entire school and could handle the day to day wear and tear of continually getting tossed around, stepped on and the like. Trying to be better I bought a 100% recycled notebook. Hopefully, it won’t fall apart on me throughout the year but stay tuned.

4. Backpack

Last winter I bought an Everlane backpack to replace my old North Face that had a hole in the bottom. In hindsight, I could have tried A LOT harder to find one that is made from more sustainable materials. I found this one that is cute, ethical, eco-friendly and affordable! Wish I had seen it sooner but thought I would share it with you in the hopes that you can make smarter decisions then I did.

5. A zero- waste lunch box.

I use to wrap my sandwiches in tinfoil and put snacks into plastic sandwich bags. What a waste! Instead, I use Bees Wrap now for my sandwiches that you can just rinse off after each use and reuse again and again for a year. I also found these re(zip) reusable snack bags that are even dishwasher safe. I also can’t go anywhere without my to-go bamboo cutlery. Absolute musts if you want a zero waste lunch for school or the office!


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