Sustainable Bathing Suit- Le Buns Review

August 27, 2018

Here’s the thing. It wasn’t that hard to evolve my wardrobe into an ethical capsule. I buy less, I buy secondhand, and when I have to, I buy sustainably. It’s easy to invest 50 bucks into a pair of second hand Levi’s because that isn’t that far off from what I would usually spend. But I have had a hard time making my replacement bathing suits and underwear sustainable. I am a little skeeved out buying those type of items secondhand and my budget for a new bathing suit is about $40, not $140. I have looked long and hard to find a replacement for my tired suits, and finally, I have found a reasonably priced sustainable bathing suit.

Enter Le Buns

They are a lingerie and bathing suit company based out of Australia. Their regular products are out of my price range, but they had a lot of options in their seconds sale. To reduce waste, they sell products that have minor flaws at a fraction of the cost which is perfect for me. More brands should do this! So what if a tag is sewn on upside down, for me this is a non-issue, and I have no problem wearing imperfect clothing (especially at that price!). Bralettes are about AUD 15 and bathing suits are about AUD 30. They also are a very body positive brand and embrace all body types and sizes normalizing stretch marks and natural curves and rolls. Although, Le Buns could do a lot better in representing and including women of color!!

What Makes Them Cool

I love when brands lay out all of their practices on a page providing links, resources, and explanations. Their honesty makes my job a lot easier when researching to make sure companies aren’t greenwashing. Le Buns outlined all of their Sustainable Values on this page. The thing that sold me on their bathing suits is that they use regenerated nylon. They collect used nylon from landfills and oceans eliminating waste and repurposing it into the fabric.

Every ton of fish net recovered & regenerated will produce enough yarn for 26,000 pairs of bikini bottoms!- Le Buns

The “Less is More” mentality means classic styles, sustainable practices, and applications that are ethical for people and the planet. When I received my order in the mail, I was so excited when I opened the box to find zero plastic packaging! Nothing grinds my gears more than an eco-friendly/sustainable brands wrapping their products in plastic. I think it defeats the whole point and goes against everything they are trying so hard to fight for. So A+ to Le Buns for practicing what they preach!

I bought the same suit in Earth

The Bathing Suit

The color of the suit is perfect, and I love the style. BUT this suit was designed with a flat chested girl in mind, which I am not. It’s a little too revealing for my level of comfort at a busy public beach. So while I love the suit, unfortunately, I don’t love it on me. Because I got it for an insane price it couldn’t be returned so I decided to keep it and just wear it hanging out at smaller beaches or by the pool. Unfortunately, not a perfect solution for me but highly recommend the company regardless. There are a lot of different styles and options that should fit a lot of different needs. Do you know of any sustainable and affordable bathing suit companies? Help a girl out!

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