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August 20, 2018

This month’s Eco Everywhere- RI series is about Impact Everything- an ethical shopping boutique in Providence. Learn about how I found zero waste alternatives for my take on Plastic Free July. And if you haven’t read the previous post in the series about an all natural perfumery you can click here

Last month was Plastic Free July, which is a challenge that is self-explanatory- no single-use plastic for the entire month. It is quite a challenge, and while I wasn’t ready to take the challenge this year I set a different goal for myself: replace single-use items with reusable options. So I decided to toss my reusable Baggu bag in my car, but I needed to purchase a few more products to challenge myself.

There  are two things I hate about shopping online for sustainable products/alternatives

  1. When they come wrapped in plastic
    • Yes, I am talking to you Amazon. Even when I select no additional packaging somehow the products still end up covered in plastic. Absolutely grinds my gears.
  2. The environmental impact of ordering from other countries
    • A lot of companies that I would love to support are based in other countries. There is always an internal conflict for me because I want to help these small businesses but hate thinking about how these ethical products are getting to me and their massive carbon footprint.

Solution: My local, ethical shop Impact Everything!

I was abroad when Impact Everything opened and got a message from a friend who shared an article about the store. For MONTHS I was so excited to stop by and support this fantastic business! I decided that July was a perfect time to go. Tibetan prayer flags waved in the breeze as I looked above to the second-floor store on Thayer Street in Providence. I walked in and immediately wanted to stay for hours! It seems a lot less like a store and more like a community gathering spot that just so happens to provide ethical alternatives to products. I mean how many stores have you been to that have a hammock in the middle of the store, a tent for the pup and a couch where you can find someone chilling doing work.

Look at this little beauty product oasis on the second floor!

This kind of environment was so new and interesting because it didn’t feel like the focus was on forcing you to buy into consumer mentality. The store is simply there to buy what you need when you need it. And you can honestly buy anything. From ethical clothes to all natural bathroom products and zero waste kitchen alternatives there is truly something there for everyone. It was also great seeing some local companies featured in the store.

I decided to purchase some reusable steel straws, travel reusable cutlery and reusable makeup remover cotton rounds. Before buying the products, I had the chance to speak to Lanna, the founder, and learn more about the store’s mission. It’s so refreshing getting to have the opportunity to learn more from someone when talking about sustainability because lately, I have been feeling as though I have been doing a lot of the explaining. It is refreshing and humbling always recognizing how much I have to learn about this industry. Impact everything is a lifestyle store challenging you to make an impact with every purchase you make. Products can be all natural, sustainable, free trade, or give back to various causes with each product purchased.

It is so nice having a store so close to home that makes my ethical practices so much more accessible and getting to go into a store to pick out the products is truly a treat. But if you are not in the area never fear! Impact Everything has a great online store that you can order from- they ship worldwide.

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