Eco Everywhere- Providence Perfume Co.

July 30, 2018

SO I decided this summer I thought I would try something new! In an industry that is so heavily based in online shopping, I challenged myself to find small businesses that offered sustainable or natural solutions near my hometown of Providence, Rhode Island. Throughout the rest of the summer, I will be featuring boutiques, bulk stores, and this week a perfume shop. Read below about my lovely experience at Providence Perfume Co., a natural perfume boutique.

I had never purchased perfume before

While I have always loved fashion, cosmetics have never been my thing. It was easy for me to find ways to be more sustainable regarding different fashion brands, but makeup overwhelmed me. Nevermind perfume, I used to consider my body lotion “perfume.” But recently I have been curious about investing in an all natural fragrance- I like the idea of having a scent. Lucky for me, my lil baby city of Providence, Rhode Island has an entirely natural perfumery- Providence Perfume Co.

I was intimidated by the idea of picking a scent because I didn’t even really know what I liked. When I stepped inside, I immediately felt more comfortable. I was greeted by Sarah who patiently walked me through the perfumes they offered. We worked together figuring out what scents I was drawn to. I have never really been into science but the natural perfume process I found FASCINATING. Alcohol versus oil-based perfumes is a thing I hadn’t heard of before. Hearing the stories behind each perfume and the scents that created them was an interesting and unique experience.

Doesn’t the store look so cute!

About Providence Perfume Co.

Providence Perfume Co. was created by Charna Ethier as a natural perfumery. Each scent in the collection is attached to a personal story from Ethier. From the smell of wildflower fields of New England to smells of mossy woods, each scent when described you can close your eyes and experience Ethier’s vision- this story behind these smells was unlike anything I had ever experienced.

I finally decided on a rose scented perfume oil. It isn’t super intense- strong enough that you can smell it but not too intimidating for me as a perfume newbie. Now that I know about the natural perfume industry and the beauty and individuality of the scents I will never consider investing in an artificial or chemically created scent. Not only because I want the real deal but how many more chemicals can our bodies handle?! Whether you are a fellow New Englander or live on the other side of the country, definitely consider Providence Perfume Co. (they have a website) for your next scent.

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