Summer Sandals- Bibico Review

July 8, 2018

Last summer the very first sustainable purchase I made was a pair of sandals. Initially, I went to Nordstrom and was about to justify spending $60 on Steve Madden sandals; then I realized oh I could probably get these sustainably. So, I went to my list of ethical fashion companies, did some hardcore online shopping and landed at Bibico.

What is Bibico

Bibico is a women’s fashion company that offers clothing and shoes. Snow (the owner) created the company with a mission of ethically well-made goods. Even better- the prices are super reasonable, especially on sale!

The Sandals

When I was searching for a pair, I was very particular about what I needed

  • Sandals that were dressy enough for dinner but wouldn’t be too much to wear day to day
  • Comfortable
  • Not too flashy
  • Reasonably priced

I found these sandals for $45. They are made in Africa and fair trade which is a big plus for me. While shipping was nine dollars, compared to the $60 Steve Madden sandals I was going to purchase I still saved money. 10/10 would highly recommend. While tough to break in initially they are now comfortable and a go-to for me during these warm summer months. The embellishment at the top is very unlike me (I don’t do sparkle) but the pair doesn’t feel overwhelmingly flashy, and I like that I am switching up my wardrobe slightly with these bad boys. 


What I learned since my first purchase

Looking back, the problems that I had with my first sustainable purchase have become a given when shopping sustainably. Having to pray that they would fit or look good is a price you have to pay when most sustainable options are online. I also hadn’t used European shoe sizes before this purchase, but luckily Google had plenty of size charts. I also wasn’t used to having to take so much time to find a pair of shoes. Before I had my go to stores where I always bought my shoes and having to sift through 10+ companies felt extensive but this process I have now grown to love. A year later these shoes still look brand new. The thing I like about sustainability is that items are built to last. It is more than just a shoe, the craftsmanship is palpable, and the longevity is already evident. Cheers, to the many more summers to come with these go-to sandals.

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