Why I am not ready to be a vegan & the ways I try to eat better anyways

June 11, 2018

I am not ready to be a vegan yet. No, I have not watched Cowspiracy either. I will eventually, but documentaries do things to me that I am not prepared to handle currently. Yes, I am one of those that had a coming to Jesus moment after watching the True Cost.

I now half live at home, and half live in a college dorm room which is not conducive to being vegan. I do not have the financial means to go vegan currently and at home nobody else is going vegan, and quite frankly I have no interest in being the “difficult one.”


I found this article from Popular Science interesting and it got my gears grinding about this whole concept on how I can do better for the Earth. Not just through fashion but food as well.  The carbon footprint berries have in regards to transportation factors is one I never really considered, and there are so many other ways to the food we eat can be damaging to this Earth.

See, here’s the thing I don’t eat a lot of meat but when I would go out, ya girl loved a big juicy burger. I use past tense because I am a new woman… kinda. It is a process, but I am taking baby steps. Honestly, chickpea or black bean burgers are just as good- just sayin.

I think the goal should be for everyone to be in the process of doing better. I don’t think it is that beneficial for everyone to quit cold turkey without the means and time to know their stuff before going vegan. I know some girls that lost hair after going vegan or vegetarian because they did not have enough nutrients. It is not an easy task.


Here are ways that I am trying to make my diet more plant-based that really hasn’t been that much of a sacrifice.

  • I switched from an artificially flavored creamer to an almond based creamer
  • I cut out half of my meat intake
    • I try only to eat chicken or turkey when I do have meat (a few times a week)
  • I don’t eat deli meat anymore
  • Buying most of my fruits and veggies at a farm
    • Supporting local farmers, organic and fresh- nothing better!
  • Trying to find local, organic or fair trade alternatives to my old favorites
    • Fairtrade Quinoa, organic popcorn and so many more are at my local supermarket!


What I am not good at currently but want to be better at

  • Finding alternatives to meat (meatless sausage is a thing?)
  • Finding almond milk I like (so far, unsuccessful)
  • Reducing my cheese intake (ya girl loves cheddar)
  • Giving up eggs?? I want the protein for breakfast a few days a week though
    • OR alternative: trying to find eggs at local farmers markets
  • Trying dairy-free ice cream

I recognize this post might frustrate some people, but I was sincere when I started this blog. This is about my journey INTO sustainability. I do not have all the answers yet- I am learning and writing as I go and you for some reason decided to come along in this adventure. Hope this post helps those that struggling with their food choices and inspires everyone to make kinder decisions about what you fill your body with.

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