Your wardrobe essentials should be ethical too- Pact review

May 21, 2018

Do you know how many liters of water it takes to make a SINGLE cotton t-shirt?

No? Well lucky for you I did my research so you don’t have to-

800 gallons of water or 2,700 liters to produce the cotton to create one t-shirt

Wish I was making up those numbers folks but that is the reality. Before starting this journey- while I didn’t know much about textiles I assumed that cotton was better for the environment than synthetic materials because it was probably more biodegradable. While yes, in that sense it’s better. Cotton is a sucker for water and needs a lot for the plants to grow. So whats better, using hundreds of gallons of water to produce cotton or using synthetic materials? Well both kind of suck, but the great thing about cotton is that there are solutions to making it more environmentally friendly.

How can we cotton be more sustainable?

Some resources use closed-loop manufacturing which means they reuse the water which is great! Another great thing is to make sure your cotton is 100% organic and fair trade. That way you can be sure the cotton is better for you and the environment.

Where do I buy more ethical cotton basics?

Wow! Great question! I am so happy you asked because one company I love is called Pact. They create straightforward basics from underwear to sweatshirts using environmentally friendly practices. Even better the organic cotton they use requires 95% less water than ordinary cotton and did not use pesticides when farming the raw materials OR use chemicals to produce the cotton. I have a couple short and long sleeve t-shirts from Pact and a pair of socks and love all of my purchases from them. They are comfortable and durable.

And they are affordable!!!!!!

Yes! Broke college students rejoice! A pair of leggings only cost $30, and I KNOW you would spend more at Lululemon in a heartbeat so why not invest in a product that’s better for you and the environment?

Also for the very few men that read my posts, hello, sorry I sometimes forget about you, but I want to acknowledge your existence and let you know Pact has a bunch of great men’s basics too.

Every purchase you make has an impact, just because it is a pair of socks or a cotton t-shirt doesn’t mean it has a positive or negative effect on the environment. Shopping for organic, fair trade cotton is a great way to change your purchasing habits.

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