Ireland Study Abroad Guide

March 12, 2018

If you have been following along with this blog you probably know by now that I had the opportunity to go to Ireland for five weeks. I read somewhere that it takes five weeks to become familiarized with anything, so I wouldn’t call myself a pro but I do have some tips and tricks I learned along the way that I wanted to share. Here is my Ireland study abroad guide! Hope it offers some helpful information if you are trying to plan a trip to this amazing country. ūüôā

Places I visited

  • Limerick

    • Stayed there for 5 weeks, pretty but you can do it in a weekend
    • Try to go on a weekend and stop at the Milk Market, Hunt Museum, and King John’s Castle
    • Food
      • The Locke Bar- traditional¬†dinner
      • Catherine Street coffee¬†shops for breakfast
      • Curragowe- traditional dinner
      • The Buttery- brunch

  • Killarney

  • Cork

    • Cool artsy vibe, wish I had more time to explore here
    • If you go to Cork, make sure you go to Blarney castle, the grounds there were absolutely magical

  • The Cliffs of Moher

    • By far my favorite place I visited in Ireland. I went twice because I loved it so much.
    • Give yourself plenty of time here but be prepared for any weather.
    • Wear rainboots! There is so much mud you will ruin your sneakers if you wear them, I promise.

  • Galway

    • Artsy and angsty city. Maybe everyone was in a mood that day but it was the first city I felt a dislike towards tourists.
    • Still cool though, musicians set up everywhere lots of fun to stop and listen.
    • Food
      • Cupan tea- cute, traditional tea place

  • Dublin

    • My favorite city by far!
    • Make the time to go to the Guinness¬†factory, it’s worth every penny in my opinion.
    • Also, if you are of the legal drinking age, the nightlife is so much fun.
    • Food
      • Porterhouse Temple Bar- traditional Irish food with live music in a great building
      • Brother Hubbard- artsy¬†aesthetically pleasing brunch
      • Hatch and Sons- brunch, cool atmosphere traditional Irish breakfast options
    • Bars
      • Temple Bar, Bad Bobs, Fitzsimons (there are sooo much more though)
  • Mini trips to Adare, Ennis, Lahinch

Food to eat and drink

  • You must have tea and scones at some point
  • Beer! Of course. I learned to love a good pint of Guinness¬†but be warned, it is not for everyone.
    • Also order a Jameson and ginger (ale) at a bar if a beer isn’t for you, still a very Irish drink
  • ANY stew. Stew is huge.
  • So are pies
    • I got a lentil cottage pie at some pub in Galway that changed my life
  • Fish and chips
  • For breakfast
    • Irish breakfast (usually consists of eggs, sausage, tomatoes, and beans)
    • Porridge (AKA oatmeal made with milk)
  • SODA BREAD!! ugh so yummy

Getting around

  • Bus Eiran is what I used for most of my time here
  • I also used Dublin coach to get to Dublin
  • FYI- it’s really cheap to fly to London from Ireland
    • I spent 30 euro on a roundtrip flight on Ryan Air
      • Side note: that was the only thing that was cheap about my trip to London (still worth it though)
  • I stayed in hostels and Airbnbs- do your research when booking for both

Notes about Ireland

  • It’s cold, cloudy and rainy 50% of the time- pack for that
  • Bars aren’t open that late and it’s normal to go get drinks at 9/10
  • Pubs are where you will find traditional Irish food if you want to try it
  • Go to a rugby game if you can it is crucial to the culture in Ireland
  • Irish people overall are ridiculously friendly don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Penny’s is huge (so are spray tans??)
  • Everything is “grand”, just say you’re grand if someone asks

Study abroad advice I wish someone told me

  • Weekends are for traveling but it messes up your weeks because you come back so exhausted. Catch up on sleep during the week.
  • Be prepared to walk everywhere and don’t forget to eat or you will get incredibly hangry
  • Have a portable charger with you at all times
  • Go to the free museums!
  • Bring a water bottle (that has a water filter or get a charcoal filter)
  • Don’t forget to offset your carbon emissions when traveling
    • Not sure what that means? Read more about it here.

Sending love on all of your adventures!


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