The Sustainable Sneaker- Veja Review

February 5, 2018

OK- there is a repeating pattern of me freaking out a month before I studied abroad. I realized I needed some staples that have been missing from my wardrobe that are crucial when traveling without a whole closet of options. A pair of stylish sneakers was a must. Again I had a lot of rules for what I wanted.

  • Reasonably priced
  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • Sustainable and ethical

Veja had exactly what I wanted.

Source: Veja

Veja is a footwear company headquartered in Paris, France. They source most of their materials from France and Brazil. Veja maintains sustainability throughout every aspect of their products. The cotton they use is organic, free trade and free from pesticides that harm the environment, us and workers. The rubber they use is also collected ethically, and the workers are given fair working condition and wages. Here is the page that I found a lot of answers to my questions about the company’s practices when determining if it aligned with my ethics.

I had always heard about how deplorable the working conditions are for companies such as Nike, but never really wanted to do anything about it. Nike was accessible and stylish. Once entering the sustainability bubble, I knew my laziness was no longer an excuse. There are so many alternative sneaker companies that do a lot of good for the world.

I never thought about how important it was to source sustainable rubber for the soles of sneakers and what impact that has on the environment. Veja sheds light on these realities and offers a cool solution.

While the shoes are slightly on the expensive side what made me decide it was worth the price was the longevity. These sneakers are built to last, and I knew I would get plenty of mileage out of them. Breaking them in wasn’t fun because the leather was stiff but now they are super comfortable. I was able to spend an entire day walking through London without getting any blisters.

Every item we buy has an impact on the environment whether we want to admit that or not. Spend your money wisely.


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