Ethical Backpack Review- Everlane

January 24, 2018

I had the opportunity to study abroad this semester, and I knew I needed an upgrade on a durable and ethical backpack to replace the broken one I have been managing with for the last six years. My rules made my options limited, but I knew what I wanted.

  • Fashionable (I couldn’t have a frumpy backpack in Paris)
  • Big enough to fit my laptop and camera but slender enough so I didn’t look like I was hauling a chunky backpack through museums etc.
  • Ethical/Sustainable
  • Not too expensive

And luckily I found a backpack that fits all of my demands! I bought an Everlane backpack, and I am so happy with my decision! I was a little worried about having a canvas backpack, but it has managed through a sh*t ton of rain in Ireland this week very well! The backpack looks kinda small, but it can actually fit so much. And for only $70 it was a great deal.


Everlane is an ethical company. They focus on transparent pricing. This means they show you how much it actually cost to make your product. Below is the true cost for my backpack, what they charge, and what a traditional retailer (think Madewell) would charge.

Screenshot from Everlane

They also source ethically. The factories that produce their products are frequently audited to make sure they are safe working conditions, fair wages and being kind to the environment.

BUT. The materials are not always sustainable. They use leather and plastics. If you are looking for a fully sustainable backpack, this one is not for you. I decided this was the best option for ME on my list of needs, but it might not fit your requirements. The most important thing is working towards being a conscious consumer and being mindful when purchasing. Find ways to do that that align with your values 🙂



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