Best Coffee Shops in NYC to do Work in

December 11, 2017

As I write this post about coffee shops in NYC I am of course, in a coffee shop. Bagels and coffee are an integral part of the culture of NYC so it is a given that the coffee shops are fantastic. Every weekend I try to find a new spot to do work in. My one rule is that it MUST have wifi. As it is finals week right now, I thought I would share my favorite spots that help me get sh*t done in the hopes that it will motivate another fellow stressed out college student that can’t sit in the campus library one more day. Here are my top 5 spots in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Image from Spreahouse Cafe’s Facebook

Spreadhouse Cafe
116 Suffolk Street- Lower East Side

If you are looking for an aesthetic to inspire you- Spreadhouse is the best. There are a plethora of seating options from floor cushions, picnic tables, small individual tables and love seats. Wifi is, of course, a given and there is space to spread out so you don’t feel claustrophobic. There aren’t a lot of options for eating- as the name states, you pick a spread to put on our choice of bread. There also pastries and of course great coffee.

Think Coffee
1 Bleecker Street- Nolita

Think Coffee’s are everywhere in NYC but if you need a convenient coffee shop it is exactly what you need. The coffee is fair trade and has pastries and sandwiches. The only problem was that the Think Coffee I went to didn’t have wifi. Do your research- some do, some don’t.


Image from Brooklyn Roasting Company’s Facebook

Brooklyn Roasting Company
25 Jay Street- DUMBO

So getting to Brooklyn from Queens is a pain on public transportation so I don’t do it frequently. One time when I took the hour and a half journey I found Brooklyn Roasting Company to do work in. The location was so cool. High ceilings, couches to sit and chat on and communal big spacious tables to do work on. Of course free wifi as well. When I go to cafes I usually get a mocha and this cup of coffee was one of the best I’ve ever had. They have locations all around Brooklyn but it’s definitely worth the trip.


Perk Kafe
96th and 2nd Avenue- Upper East Side

Another mini-chain coffee shop that DELIVERS. Perk Kafe is a small but lively coffee shop. Free wifi, bright and airy vibes- what more do you need? While there isn’t a lot of space I was easily able to find a seat to get work done. Taking the advice of one of my good friends who always yells at me for my caffeine consumption I got a chai latte and it did not disappoint.

Image from Cafe Jax’s Website

Cafe Jax
E 84th Street- Upper East Side

Last but surely not least is this hidden treasure. When I first walked in I was about to grab a coffee and turn around and head to a plan B. Then I realized there was a downstairs. This is a secret little treasure because it is absolutely so silent and so many seating options. The wifi you have to ask for so don’t forget like I did. The coffee was great and vibes felt like you were hidden away in your own secret, super efficient world.

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