The 5 Best Sustainable Apps You Need on Your Phone Now

November 13, 2017

It’s 2017. While our planet is kind of falling apart, at least technology is getting cooler! As a novice in the sustainability world, I’ve been using a lot of resources to help me gain more information. While the internet and other bloggers have been a great help, the best tool on the go has been apps. I have experimented with a dozen or so apps, and these are my top five favorites.

  1. Good on You -Fashion

This app is centered around sustainable fashion. Search for your favorite brands and see easy to understand reviews. When you click on the name, the app goes into more detail as to why the company received the rating that it did. Also, about once a week I receive a newsletter from the company in my email that I love. Of course, you could probably opt out of it if you don’t want one more item in your inbox but I find the newsletters sometimes more helpful then the app itself.

  1. Think Dirty– Bath & Beauty

Think Dirty is strictly geared towards bath and beauty products. The app is wicked easy to use. You can either scan your product’s barcode or look up the name manually. The app rates your item on a 0-10 scale and explains what harmful chemicals are in your products. If you have an account, you are also able to save the products to your ‘bathroom shelf’ in the app. When I started scanning my products, I was shocked to find so many of my products received low ratings even though I have been trying to shop for natural and cruelty-free bathroom products for a year now. The app is helpful because now when I go to Target, I don’t have to stand in the aisle trying to read the ingredient list with my sort of memorized list of hazardous ingredients in my head.

  1. Healthy Living– food and home products

Similar to Think Dirty, How Good is an app that rates food products. In a similar format, you are able to scan or look up a variety of foods. It focuses on ingredients, nutrition, and processing. While I would like a food app that highlights sustainability or fair trade, the app is still useful.

  1. iRecycle– recycling options

Ever find a bunch of old batteries hanging around your house that you have no idea what to do with? Luckily this app is the solution. iRecycle allows you to look up a variety of home goods from bike tires to paint and shows you locations around your area where you can properly recycle these items. It makes doing the right thing a whole lot easier.

5. Farmstand– farmer’s market locator 

While it is getting chilly in NYC, I still needed to add this app to my list. Farmstand notifies you (if you share your location) when you are close to a farmer’s market. The app not only shows you the market’s in your area but the dates they will be open and time. Living in NYC, this app was fantastic this fall. I only knew of one major farmer’s market in Manhattan, but this app opened my eyes to so many new markets and new areas in the city!


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    Christina Pippin
    November 13, 2017 at 12:40 pm

    great green app guide! i have one, but i’m adding 4 more today thanks to you! fantastique 🙂

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      November 13, 2017 at 1:00 pm

      I’m so glad this was helpful! Thank you for such awesome feedback:)

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