Nectar- Sunglasses That Save the Bees

November 6, 2017
Photo by Christopher Chou

I was a lifeguard at one of my past jobs this summer. In the past, I would always buy cheap sunglasses from Target because I have a track record for scratching up my lenses or just leaving them places. But I decided I’m 19 years old and while I don’t think I can handle a $100 pair, maybe a slightly more expensive pair would make me more responsible.

Nectar is a perfect balance. I bought my pair for $40 bucks and love them. They look good and are polarized which is a must since I work outside. Nectar sucked me in because they help save honeybees with repopulation.They also have a lifetime warranty which is a plus. As awesome as honeybees are looking back I definitely have a lot to learn. I have no idea where these were made and how sustainable the materials are. This is a perfect example of the difference between companies that give back and sustainability. While I still love my sunglasses and have no regrets purchasing them, in regards to looking into sustainability, I got caught up in the bees. 


Things I’ve learned

– Just because a company gives back does not always mean the company is sustainable

– If the company doesn’t provide information on where the product is made, how, and with what ASK before buying

– Sometimes, it’s ok not to get it all right




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