Bee’s Wrap- Why You Will Never Use Plastic Wrap Again

October 9, 2017

Growing up when I would help my mom clean up after dinner there were two things that I HATED doing.

  1. Trying to find a matching lid and container in our chaotic Tupperware shelf
  2. Trying to stick plastic wrap onto a bowl

There were so many days where I would destroy a strip of plastic wrap in an attempt to cover a bowl or a plate of cookies before a party. So when I heard about bees wrap I knew it would be worth trying out.

Bee’s wrap is the same concept as plastic wrap, Tupperware, and tin foil but is far more sustainable than more plastic in your house. It clings PERFECTLY and has a variety of sizes that can cover a bowl of fruit to wrapping a piece of bread. The only adjustment is dealing with the initial smell. It has an odor when you first open it that I was NOT a fan of but it eventually goes away. 10/10 would recommend


What I’ve learned

-Air out the bees wrap before covering a sandwich with it

-Stop wasting money on stupid cling wrap

-Bees wrap won’t work on a freezing cold bowl



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