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Gift Tips and Tricks For a Less Wasteful Holiday Season

Gift Tips and Tricks For a Less Wasteful Holiday Season

It December which means social media is hemorrhaging gift ideas. I just find it very ironic that sustainability is morphing into a consumer frenzy (which you can read my thoughts about here). While some of the posts are actually really beneficial most of the time I’m […]

Does Couture Have to Be Sustainable Yet?

Does Couture Have to Be Sustainable Yet?

Growing up I fantasized about two things- New York City and fashion. Eloise at the Plaza lived my dream life, and Andy from the Devil Wears Prada had my dream job. Throughout middle school and high school, I liked being identified through the clothes that […]

11 Resources to Help You Make Ethical Purchases

11 Resources to Help You Make Ethical Purchases

A lot of the time people ask me how do you know if a company is sustainable. The truth is, it’s a long vetting process. As of right now, it takes me a while to find out whether or not everything a company is saying is true. Greenwashing is something I am paranoid of and try my hardest to make sure I am not tricked by unethical companies. In the future, I hope that through fashion reform this vetting process is done already for the consumer in a unified auditing system but until then we have to do it ourselves. To make your life easier I have compiled a list of my 11 go-to resources when making sure a product is ethical or not. I know this takes time, but going through this process not only do you learn more about products and companies but you also have this new found connection and appreciation for the products you purchased. And for me, that effort I put into the purchase translates to the longevity of not wanting to replace the product and go through the process all over again.

I use a lot of different resources to makes sure I am constantly up to date with all natural, sustainable or ethical products. A lot of these resources were really helpful when trying looking through my pantry and closets to find out which companies and products I already owned were good (unfortunately not many). And when purchasing new products, making sure the companies that claim sustainable are truthful. I don’t use every site when vetting companies but I will select two or three and skim to find what I need. The “find” option on your computer (for me on a mac it’s command f) is super helpful in the longer documents when I am looking for a particular material or company.

Scanning or product rating apps and websites

  1. Good Guide– App and website
  2. Good On You– App and website
  3. The Good shopping guide– website
  4. Ethical Consumer– website

Databases and lists

  1. List of Goods Produced by Child Labor or Forced Labor

  2. The Good Trade List of Ethical Fashion Companies
  3. Beauty Ingredients to Avoid by The Glamorganic Goddess

Reports (updated yearly)

  1. Global Fashion Agenda 
  2. Fashion Transparency Index
  3. Sustainable Fashion Blueprint 
  4. Measuring Fashion 2018 Report 


Friendly Reminder: Sustainability First and Foremost Means to Buy Less :)

Friendly Reminder: Sustainability First and Foremost Means to Buy Less :)

Ok, this wasn’t my plan for today. I had a whole different post scheduled for today, but my heart wasn’t in it this week. Maybe next week but for now I gotta get this off my chest. Before I begin I want to make something […]

Can Marketing Be Ethical?

Can Marketing Be Ethical?

As a marketing major, business ethics has been on my mind lately. I went into marketing because I decided I wanted a little more stability and flexibility in my career while still allowing some freedom to let my creative side soar. Those are tricky parameters […]

10 Sustainable Lifestyle Bloggers You Need To Follow Right Now

10 Sustainable Lifestyle Bloggers You Need To Follow Right Now

Last summer all of my free time was spent engrossed in articles by sustainable lifestyle bloggers. I was obsessed by all of the different options in sustainability and how it affects a variety of different industries and aspects of life. I learned the foundations of sustainability and ethics in fashion and general “eco-ness” from these women. While this list doesn’t represent all of the fantastic women (and men!) that talk about sustainability, I tried to create a list that covered a lot of different approaches to the field. I hope to do all of the incredible work they do justice. Comment below if you have a favorite eco-blogger that wasn’t mentioned on this list!

1. Sustainably Chic @sustainablychic

Natalie Kay- the voice of Sustainably Chic has been an influential voice in sustainable fashion for years. Because of this I always go to her site for lists of eco-fashion options (and discounts!). She writes a lot of reviews on products that I love to add to my running lists of eco brands. She also reviews general eco-home products. If you are looking for a light, straightforward fashion review- this site is for you!

2. Eco Warrior Princess @ecowarriorprincess

Eco Warrior Princess discusses hot topics within sustainable fashion, green living, and ethics. You can come here for the facts, no bias, no bull shit. Jeniffer Nini is an absolute badass that practices what she preaches. She is honest and authentic. The blog also features a variety of different writers from all over the world which offers crucial diversity and cultural experiences to sustainability. If you are looking for a blog that truly makes you think, this one is for you.

3. Leotie Lovely @leotielovely

What I find interesting about Leotie Lovely is the almost philosophical approach to sustainability Holly has. Each post is heartfelt, personal and motivates you to turn inwards. Holly writes about a slew of topics within eco-lifestyle from fashion to travel. I also highly recommend following on insta. Sometimes I find myself scrolling past captions on my feed, but I always make sure to read what is on Holly’s mind that day.

4. Conscious n’ chic @conciousnchic

What an absolute powerhouse! I aspire to have half the drive and poise that Kathleen has. While I am a new follow I have been stalking her channels for a few months feeling so inspired by her content. If you are looking for a one-stop shop in all things sustainable, this site is for you. From fashion to recipes to YouTube videos there are a plethora of resources. The thing that I was so drawn to was the excitement and strength behind this blog. A lot of the time in sustainability you see a lot of linen and non-formfitting close. Kathleen is a friendly reminder that you can look fierce and bold while still being ethical. 

5. Compassion Fashion @benita_robledo

Benita keeps ethical fashion exciting on her blog, compassion fashion! Filled with bold colors and words Benita speaks from the heart while still keeping things light and captivating. Benita talks a lot about activism within the sustainability world which I think is a critical dialog in this industry. Her articles are honest and address a lot of problems in sustainability such as price and diversity. In this ethical community, it seems unethical not to fill the space with diversity and inclusion of all ethnicities, religions, genders, and identities! Read this blog if you are looking to stay grounded and optimistic about the future of ethical-fashion.

6. Moral Fibres Blog @moralfibresblog

As one of the first blogs I looked at, this is a great place to start when first looking into sustainability. Wendy has a lot of great all natural/zero waste home tips. She even published a book, Fresh Clean Home, which offers all-natural cleaning product recipes, the book is in my Amazon wishlist right now! If you want to have an all natural home, this blog will help you get there.

7. The Peahen @thepeahen

Kasi is a journalist that always keeps things real! She does a lot of in-depth fashion reviews that are always filled with interesting stats, perspectives, and other articles. Kasi’s specialty is in the realm of secondhand and vintage (she just launched a vintage marketplace!). I love going to this blog and insta for secondhand inspiration and tips, so if you are looking to dip your feet into this realm, this is a great resource!

8. Ethically Kate @ethicallykate

I found Kate through Eco Warrior Princess as she is a contributing writer for the site. I don’t even remember the first post I read by her, but her warmth and authenticity impacted me, and I immediately became a loyal follower. She brings joy and kindness into sustainability, but make no mistakes she isn’t messing around. She reminds us that living consciously is truly attainable, but imperfection is inevitable, which is always a helpful reminder. If you are looking for helpful yet uplifting articles and all those feel-good vibes definitely check Ethically Kate out!

9. My Green Closet @verenaerin

If you haven’t noticed yet, makeup is not my specialty. Eco and all natural makeup overwhelm me at times which is why I always dig through any makeup related posts on My Green Closet. Verena has an emphasis on eco fashion, minimalism, and natural beauty products but my favorite posts are her makeup reviews and tips. She also has a great Youtube channel which is a nice way to switch up the different ways I learn about sustainability

10. Ecocult @ecocult

Last but certainly not least is Alden Wicker’s Ecocult. Not only does she write for her blog but she is also a freelance writer and president of the Ethical Writers & Creatives community. The thing that I love about Ecocult is how approachable Alden makes sustainability; she isn’t afraid to bring this conversation mainstream and challenging anyone’s current views and behavior. Follow her on Instagram to keep up with all of her eco travels. I have been dreaming of visiting Central and South America after seeing all of her pictures!

What Are You Going to Do Now That You Know The Truth?

What Are You Going to Do Now That You Know The Truth?

A few days ago the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a report that exploded in the news. You can find the special report here, but to summarize we are on our way to making the Earth 1.5 degrees Celsius warmer which will […]

Different ways to Learn About Sustainability

Different ways to Learn About Sustainability

Ok, so this month I have decided to share all of my sustainability secrets with you all. This week I wanted to talk about all the different mediums you can access when learning about sustainability. I love reading articles either from bloggers or news sources, but […]

One Year Later- A Reflection on Fair & Fierce

One Year Later- A Reflection on Fair & Fierce

A year ago I started Fair & Fierce. As I began to learn more about sustainability, I couldn’t stop reading articles and blog posts. Through my research, I discovered a beautiful and stylish sustainable fashion, but it wasn’t always affordable. The other thing I had noticed is that these bloggers were very established and pros in sustainable lifestyle. They hardly got it wrong (and when they did it was so comforting seeing their posts and honesty). But I felt that I could bring something to the table, so I created my blog. My intention when creating this blog was to showcase my journey into sustainability. I wanted to talk about the issues I struggled with within it, the items I bought, and general activism.

Most importantly I wanted this to be a resource for students with minimal incomes that still wanted to change their buying habits regardless of the $20 in their bank account (been there, trust me). Overall I think I stuck to my mission. I was honest when I screwed up, and I tried to be authentic in addressing the areas of sustainability that concern me. I continue not to get it all right, and there are things I haven’t committed to change in my lifestyle. There were a lot of bumps along the way. Mentally and emotionally 2018 has been a rollercoaster, and blogging consistently was quite the challenge. Somedays I didn’t feel creative, and I didn’t think I could produce anything worth you reading.

So I have Decided 

Through these experiences and struggles, I have concluded. I still want to maintain my blog but I have no interest in identifying as a blogger or an influencer. Though it is not because I don’t think it’s a noble cause. Bloggers have taught me so much, without them I genuinely don’t believe I would be on this sustainable journey. I am merely more selfish than them and have no interest in making this my life right now. I just want to be a girl with a blog.

What does the future hold?

Honestly, I have no idea. I create content not because I am getting paid to do so (currently) but because I just enjoy doing it and sharing my insights with my tiny little audience. I hope that I will stick to my mission and my passions. My goal that I am going to try to hold myself to is consistency- more consistency on social media, in my newsletters and blog posts. But, if I am just not there creatively, well, I hope you continue to stay patient and stick with me.

Thank you

To my tiny but loyal group of followers- thank you. Half of you might be family and friends, but quite frankly that makes me even more appreciative. I am so grateful to be surrounded by people in my life that believe in me and support me. It blows me away still when a friend says they read my post. The kindness and support I have been given this year have far outweighed the lows that I have had to conquer. I hope you stick with me as this blog continues to grow and change. And I hope this blog has helped you uncover things in your life that you are passionate about and sparked something within that you believe is worth fighting for. From experience, it feels pretty good acting on your passions.

Sending so much peace and love to you all now and always,


Tips on How You Can Create Enviornmental Change

Tips on How You Can Create Enviornmental Change

Environmental change and activism have been on my mind recently. I read a stat on Insta that I couldn’t believe. I then searched the internet trying to confirm these facts, and after multiple news sights repeated these numbers, I knew I had to write about […]